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Stratify helps you be proactive about your career development.


  • One-on-One interview preparation
  • Professionally enhanced resumes and cover letters
  • Custom job search strategy
  • Comprehensive LinkedIn development
  • Everything offered with or without additional AI support
  • Benefit from our extensive professional network


People stumble when taking their first steps into a career, and we know exactly how to help.

The transition into the corporate world is difficult, and you may not have a plan, but we are here to help you leverage your transferable skills, experience, and education to begin a new career on the right foot.

Our services

FREE 15-Minute Career Brainstorm and Consultation - 1 on 1


  • One-on-one strategy consultation with Dr. Anthony D'onofrio.
  • Creation and enhancement of resume and cover letter.
  • LinkedIn Strategy Session.
  • Follow-up Consultation.

On-going Coaching


  • Everything from 1-on-1. 👆
  • Contact connections. (With strategic preparation.)
  • On-going coaching sessions.

So what?

There are plenty of recruiters or head hunters to help with this. Right?

Yes. There certainly are. Perhaps too many. Yet, 55.3% of college graduates will leave their first job within one year. 1
70% will leave by the second year.2
While we think that these numbers could be improved with a more thoughtful and deliberate approach using modern tools, we also understand why people don't stick with their first job and we want to stick with you throughout your career, not just at the beginning. Furthermore, finding your first job and beginning your career is stressful. Stratify can help navigate some of that stress, and provide you with some important guidance surrounding the difficulties that might come up as you try to find the right fit.

One more thing!

As we grow, we are building a substantial network with ample resources that we are designing to remove friction from your career search.